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"Do what you feel in your heart to be right – for you’ll be criticized anyway.  You’ll be damned if you do and damned if you don’t." - Eleanor Roosevelt

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Waaaaaa!  I thot I could always just skate by saying  I inherited this because the last guy was painted by the snow-job media as blowing it so bad and my way was paved so well by them.  I didn't know it was gonna be so hard!  I thot it was just one big party and adore-me-fest! What do you mean I have to WORK!?  I don't know how!  I don't have a resume!  I just want to be AmeriKa's highest paid Welfare recipient!  That's all  I know how to do!   Mommy Pelosi, tell me what to do!           I don't have my teleprompter!     Oh waaaaa!


THE STRANGER - nice horns

This is comically "freudian".  Notice anything funny about it?  Look at the "M".  We saw it right away.  Not long after one of the first idol-worshipping Time covers, they immediately took it off, took it down, hid will never find it again. (But we captured it first...hmmm, wonder if it had anything to do with us writing them to point out the perfect picture they made of him? Nice horns. This will come back to haunt them. Guaranteed.)

  They did not realize their subliminal Freudian Slip when they made this cover showing him with DEVIL HORNS!  They say "subliminal advertising" goes a long way - this is so laughable.  True karmic idol worship. (Don't get mad at us! We didn't make this stupid Time cover! They did all on their own!)

ObamaTimeMagDevilHorns - Copy (2) Jewish World Revu Town

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